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Protocol & UI Design

Protocol & UI Design

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If you have not seen the Incented Protocol Lite Paper yet, you can find it here:


We originally planned to wait until we turned our designs into a prototype, but decided to give an initial preview of the current designs. They are representative of the direction we are taking but may still be a bit rough around the edges in some cases. And yes, there will be a dark theme ;), as well as responsive designs.

Important Note

It is important to understand that these designs represent every possible element we could think of. For example, the list of prioritizations and validations are visible in the designs. However, there is a strong argument to be made that most communities may not want these to be visible to avoid exploiting the protocol. With them visible, members could simply pile on any tasks that seem to gain some popularity in order to get the prioritization or validation reward.

Authentication & Onboarding

Not much to say here other than that the current designs focus on a web2 style authentication flow. We are considering the integration of account abstraction services such as Privy.


Incented provides a coordination and incentivization protocol for community based organizations. Prospective members as well as existing members can discover the communities they are a part of or join new ones.

Each community has their own details view which transparently shows the core parameters of the community such as the percentage of rewards that go to Prioritizers, the community's Carrot Pot (aka. treasury), etc.

Discover and Manage Tasks

A user's home view shows their past performance as well as a flexible view of all the tasks in the communities they are a part of. They can quickly see tasks based on the state of community. Each task provides all the information needed to decide if it may be a task a member wants to contribute to. Of course, they can also decide to submit new task proposals to any of their communities.

Task Details

At the protocols core are tasks and task proposals that are written by community members. Once a comprehensive proposal has been submitted, the community can interact with the proposal by discussing its merits, prioritizing it if they believe that it is a task that should be executed soon, deprioritize if they feel the opposite, and more.

Core Interactions

Interactions on the protocol range from authoring a new task proposal, prioritizing existing tasks, claiming a task for exclusive contribution, to submission of a contribution and the validation of the contribution. Each stage in the protocol is incentivized through staking mechanisms that ensure a high quality throughout.


Once a member has contributed to tasks in the protocol, they can review their past performance. They are also able to see their potential reward if they have involvement in any open tasks, and what they would receive if the tasks succeed.

Settings & Notifications

As any modern application, we require certain auxiliary functionality such as notifications and settings in the app.


If you made it all the way to the end and endured the slow load time of so many high res pictures, we salute you and want to ask you for one more favor. If you have any thoughts, feedback, questions or just want to say "Hi", please reach out. We would love to hear from you.