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Crypto Law Visionary Joins Incented

Crypto Law Visionary Joins Incented

Welcome our new Advisor

We're thrilled to announce an exceptional addition to the Incented Team. As we continue to evolve and make strides towards a world which allows for truly permissionless coordination and incentivization for community lead project. The expertise and guidance of our advisors will be invaluable for this future we dream of. Please join us in welcoming Matt Melville, a renowned professional in the field of crypto law, to our growing family.

Who is Matt?

Matt Melville is not just a prominent name in legal circles but a visionary in the realm of venture capital, startups, and blockchain technology. As the founder of Melville Law, Matt has carved a niche in areas critical for modern enterprises: fund formation, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and notably, the burgeoning field of web3 and blockchain.

Matts expertise will be particularly vital for Incented as we navigate the complexities of implementing our $CARROT token, ensuring compliance and innovative legal frameworks that align with our ambitious goals.

Joint Impact

Matt is more than an advisor; he is a innovator who has invested in and guided numerous web3 startups. We're excited about the synergies this collaboration will unlock, reshaping how groups coordinate while being rewarded equitably for their efforts.

The addition of Matt to our team marks a significant milestone for Incented. The added wealth of knowledge and strategic insight will undoubtedly propel us towards new heights. We are eager to embark on this journey together and we are confident that his guidance will be a catalyst for groundbreaking developments at Incented.