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🐰New Bunnies on the Block: Timo & Siddharth Join the Incented Burrow πŸ₯•

🐰New Bunnies on the Block: Timo & Siddharth Join the Incented Burrow πŸ₯•

Hello Incented Community! πŸ‘‹πŸ‡

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that two bright new bunnies have hopped into our team! Please join us in giving a warm, carrot-filled welcome to Timo von Gruenewaldt and Siddharth Ponnapalli, our latest additions to the Incented warren!

Meet Timo - Solutions Architect with a Flair for Innovation πŸ—οΈπŸ₯•

Timo hops aboard as our new Solutions Architect. With a basket full of tech architecture skills and an eagle eye for groundbreaking solutions in the web3 space, he's just the visionary we need to navigate through the tech labyrinth. His background is a treasure trove of accomplishments, showing his journey from full stack development to high scale solution architecture design. We can't wait to see how his analytical thinking will help us navigate the difficulty of designing systems for community bases organizations.

Welcoming Siddharth - Our Full Stack Developer Extraordinaire πŸ’»πŸΎ

Siddharth joins us as a Full Stack Developer, a role as essential to Incented as carrots are to bunnies! He's a self thought coding wizard, crafting magical lines of code into functional, user-centric applications. With a strong background in User Interface and User Experience Design, he applies his user-first mindset with every line of code written for sleek digital solutions. We're all ears to see how his expertise will refine our products and bring us closer to help communities around the world in coordinating and incentivizing their members.

Why This Matters to Us 🌟πŸ₯•

In the world of Incented, we cherish the spirit of togetherness through decentralization, and the brilliance that comes from diverse minds working in unison. Timo's knack for architectural wizardry and Siddharth's coding expertise are the perfect ingredients. Their arrival marks an exciting new chapter in our journey, one filled with leaps of creativity and a accelerated speed towards the launch of the Incented Protocol.

Join Us in Welcoming Them to the Warren πŸ‘

Here's to new adventures and high jumps with our newest team members! πŸŽ‰

Welcome, Timo and Siddharth! 🎊