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Incented x Build_

Incented x Build_

We're thrilled to announce that Build_, a visionary organization in the Network State space, is now the first official partner of Incented. This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey to empower communities with cutting-edge coordination and incentivization technology.

A Milestone Partnership for Incented 🤝

About Build_ 🏙️

Build_ is not just any organization; it's a revolution in the making. With a dream of interconnecting startup cities globally, Build_ is pioneering a supranational network, aptly named build_republic. This network aims to bring together diverse communities to contribute to the creation of innovative, decentralized urban ecosystems [learn more about the Build_ Vision].

The Build_ Vision: Empowering Communities Through Dreams 💭

Diverse rockabilly rabbits collaborating on digital assets in a dream-like, futuristic ukiyo-e city setting, embodying the essence of Build_ and Incented.

At the heart of Build_'s philosophy is the concept of 'build_dreams' - a dynamic multiplayer platform for minting digital assets. This platform allows individuals to express their unique visions for cities and communities, fostering true ownership and creative collaboration.

Incented's Role in the Build_ Activation at Eth Denver 2024 🚀

A vibrant warehouse space filled with rockabilly rabbit creatives and tech enthusiasts, all in a futuristic ukiyo-e style, symbolizing the energetic collaboration at Eth Denver 2024.

Incented's first real-world project with Build_ will take center stage before, during and after Eth Denver 2024. We will help coordinate an extensive activation involving a large warehouse space, set to host around 30 builders , creatives, and hackers. This space will serve as a 24/7 hub for community interaction, including engagements with other communities, music events, a Hackathon and more. The complexity and scale of this event are precisely where the Incented Protocol helps decentralized communities in coordination and incentivization of their community members.

Why This Partnership Matters 🤖💡

The synergy between Incented and Build_ lies in our shared vision of leveraging technology for community empowerment. Incented's protocol will play a crucial role in facilitating the coordination of people, places, resources, and activities, ensuring the success of this ambitious project. This partnership has strategic value to put Incented's protocol and tools to the test in the real world.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Incented and Build_ 🔮

This is just the beginning. As Build_ evolves through its roadmap, transitioning from Phase I to Phase II with new features like Town Square, Hubs, and Events, Incented will be there to support and enhance these developments. Together, we're not just building cities; we're building dreams, unlocking hidden equity in communities, and paving the way for a future where no idea remains grounded and every member in around the world can bring their skills to their community while being rewarded in a equitable way.

Join Us 🌟

We invite you to follow this groundbreaking journey as we work together to seed and scale the startup cities of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates and developments.